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The Casambi technology

An advanced solution for professional lighting control via Bluetooth. The Casambi technology can be integrated into any luminaires or track systems. All you need to control lighting is a smartphone with a free app. Scenes, timers, biodynamic lighting can be easily and quickly set up in the app.


The Casambi technology allows to control each luminaire individually or group them. It allows to switch light sources on/off and dim them; it also supports Dim to Warm dimming. You can create your own lighting scenarios: the lights can be timed to switch on/off and adjust brightness automatically as desired. The Casambi system supports motion sensors and daylight sensors, which allows to achieve the best quality lighting.

Mobile app

The Casambi app works with iOS as well as Android devices, like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. You can download the free app in Russian in Google Play or App Store. The app works with voice activated digital assistants. Casambi enabled luminaires can also be controlled from standard wall switches and push buttons.

Installation and connection

The system is wireless, so it can be installed at any stage of construction or after the repairs is finished. The Casambi controller can be installed anywhere: behind the on-off switch, over the ceiling or inside a luminaire. The luminaires can be quickly integrated into the system: simply take photos of a space and mark the positions of the luminaire. Then tap the one you want to control. Casambi allows to control a mesh network of 127 luminaires, which is twice as many as DALI.

More opportunities

The space is not static, at some point there might be a need for remodeling. With Casambi, you can change your lighting scenario without reprogramming, but by simply adjusting the settings in the app. A wireless lighting control system is very convenient at the finishing stages of the project, when there is limited time and opportunity to implement the system, or in a case it is impossible to change the existing wiring.


The area of the site dies not matter – the Casambi system is scalable and is suited equally well for small one room solutions as for large building complexes. Setting up lighting for an area of 5000-10000 square feet will take just a couple of days.

Remote access

The lighting is set up via the app, or via remote access. The professional protocol has a range of up to 50 meters in the open air. All data is backed up in the cloud and updated in the cloud, too.