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The fixture resembles a plane turbine, and the LEDs are placed between turbine blades. A unique optical system was developed specifically for Aero series. It maximizes the use of the luminous flux while keeping the dimensions very compact. The fixture is very bright while the height of the housing is just 30 mm. The product line has models with two types of optics: super spot 12° (luminous flux is directed downwards) and wide 36° (wide beam angle).


Winner of international awards for design: Iconic Awards Winner 2020 (Germany), If Design Awards 2020 (Germany), Red Dot Design Award 2020 (Germany).


The unique optical system consists of a row of lenses, which directly affects the quality of light. The lens focuses the luminous flux, which makes it as soft, even and pleasing for the eye as possible. Besides, concentrator optics allows to increase brightness and width of light beam while preventing glare effect.


The luminaire supports DIM 220V smooth brightness adjustment feature. The kit includes a reliable power source that eliminates flickering even at minimal brightness (Flicker-free technology).