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Накладной потолочный уличный светильник LOCUS C IP

About the luminaire

A high-quality recessed LED with high CRI90 color rendering index provides high level of visual comfort and reduces Unified Glare Rating. 50° beam angle. New Super Comfort lens enhances luminous flux, creates even lighting and eliminates specks and shadows. 3 models available: 9/13/26 Watt. The housing is made of dark grey (RAL 7016) or white (RAL 9016) aluminum.

IP65 water resistance

High IP65 protection against dust and water ingress makes the luminaire suitable for outdoor lighting. Equipped with a transparent glass with a decorative black trim around the lens.


A lens is used instead of a conventional reflector, which directly influences the quality of light. The lens focuses the luminous flux, which makes it as soft, even and pleasing for the eye as possible. Bright light that is not blinding.


Power unit built in the housing. Designed for operation at low temperatures.


Easily mounted on the ceiling surface. Easy maintenance after installation if required.


Resistant to external influences: UV light, moisture, temperature fluctuations. 4 coats of paint. This coating does not crack or discolor over time.


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