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Track luminaire with original design is made of 100% brass. Metal is treated in a special way to achieve the unique effect of a brushed surface. They form directional lighting. Light sources are conceal from direct view, which provides lighting that is comfortable for the eyes. Dimmable. The luminaire can be installed anywhere on the track. Special mechanical fixator provides reliable fastening.

The luminaire was designed by Karim Rashid, a famous industrial designer. His interior design objects, furniture pieces and designs can be found everywhere, from posh New York restaurants to Prada and Giorgio Armani boutiques and the packaging of Kenzo Jeu d'Amour perfume. Besides, in 2008 Karim Rashid created the interior for Bosco 3.14 concept-store at Vesna shopping mall on New Arbat street, and in 2019 he designed the lobby and other environments at HILLS18 premium residential complex on Prospect Mira in Moscow.