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Minimalistic design. The luminaire is installed flush-mounted with the ceiling surface. Border between the lamp body and ceiling is hardly noticeable due to absence of the visible frame.


LEDs of the new generation maintain the function of warm dimming. CCT changes from 3000K with brightness ratio 100% to 1800K with brightness ratio 5%. A lens is used instead of a usual reflector that directly influences the light quality. The lens focuses clearlya light beam making luminous flux as soft, homogenous and pleasant for perception as possible. Moreover, concentrating optics makes it possible to increase brightness and width of a light beam providing antiglare protection.


The luminaire is supplied together with a driver maintaining dimming function. It is compatible with regulators of most manufacturers. The driver is characterized by high quality and reliability, that is crucial for long lifetime of the luminaire. DALI drivers for integration into the Smart Home system and Bluetooth drivers for controlling directly via a smartphone are available on request.


Radiator provides effective heat dissipation due to its structure and high quality of the aluminum. Thus, the LED chip doesn’t overheat and get dull. This feature allows keeping brightness of the luminaire in the unchanged condition.


Конструктив системы разработан Центрсвет и запатентован Роспатентом.
Патент на модульную конструкцию корпуса №189779 | 2019
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