The international group of companies founded in 2005. We develop and produce interior and exterior lighting.

We believe that light is the center of everything and shape the world standard in design, technology and service in lighting industry.

I am Evgeny Schegolev
aesthete, expert and integrator.
Russian entrepreneur,
founder of Centrsvet.

I have been invested interior and exterior lighting, its integration, technologies and smart control systems since 2005. I have thoroughly studied and processed the science of artificial lighting: from the basics and conventional light bulbs to the most exquisite benchmark lighting solutions.

I implement innovational foresighting and expand the view of light: light is the center of everything. I do everything for the world to have more high-quality and beautiful lighting! I urge everyone to be conscious of lighting we choose for the spaces where we work and rest – because the way we see life depends on this decision.

Alongside with me there is an engaged and synergistic team of professionals, and their skills are proven by numerous lighting design patents and the most prestigious international awards that Centrsvet holds. We create the unique and inimitable DNA of Centrsvet thanks to our hard work and the company culture.

In 15 years of Centrsvet's existence, some followers and imitators emerged, that have either worked at the company or followed it closely. Their projects and products hold only a part of the experience and are far behind the progress of our culture, mindfulness and the quality of products. We strive to provide more quality lighting for the whole world. We are glad to be an example.

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The quality of our products is our highest priority. We create durable lighting of the highest quality that does not require frequent and expensive maintenance. We carefully pick all the materials and components necessary to receive high lighting characteristics.

Our luminaires are equipped with an effective cooling system. The heat is conducted away from the light source and dissipated with a cutting-edge radiator that is made of thick aluminum. We use concentrating optics instead of conventional reflectors. All LEDs undergo rigorous selection and testing of color temperature and color rendering values.

Personalized and easy-to-control lighting by Centrsvet creates comfortable emotional state, sets the right mood and forms healthy habits. It creates pleasant and relaxing, or energetic and businesslike atmosphere.

With Centrsvet’s easy and intuitive smart light control you can play with lighting indoors and outdoors and create a festive or a comfy background: warm - cold, homey - working, bright - soft, relaxing - energizing, directional - reflected.


You can solve your lighting problems quickly and thoroughly.
All-in-one solution: interior, exterior, control.
Fast mounting and introduction into operation.
Service maintenance, products are always in stock.

Versatile use for projects of any scale and purpose anywhere in the world. Multifunctionality and complementarity of solutions, unified style, affordable price without the exclusive boutique format.

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American Lighting Association

CENTRSVET is a member of the American Lighting Association that represents those in the lighting industry who design, manufacture and sell lighting fixtures, light bulbs and lighting control systems.

The American Lighting Association is a trade association representing the residential lighting industry, serving members and their customers, and working to protect and advance the industry, while promoting the sale and proper application of quality lighting products.

The association's strategic objectives are organized into three categories - Public Affairs, Education and Organizational Affairs - and are updated by an executive committee each year with input from members and professional staff. The current strategic objectives may be viewed online in the Action Agenda. If you are interested in becoming a member of the American Lighting Association, learn more here.

Part of ALA's mission is to increase awareness of the importance of high-quality lighting, ceiling fan and control products, as well as the value of the showroom channel of distribution among consumers, interior designers and builders. To support these efforts, the association developed the BiNational Advertising and Public Relations Program. This program is independently funded by ALA-member donations and focuses on producing consumer-driven content to support ALA's efforts.

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