I am Evgeny Schegolev, your contemporary
Russian entrepreneur,
expert, aesthete, integrator,
founder and general manager
of CENTRSVET Group of Companies.

Since 2005, I have been invested in functional high-end, interior and exterior lighting integration technologies and smart controlling.
I have thoroughly studied and processed the science of artificial lighting: from the very basic conventional light bulbs to the most exquisite benchmark lighting solutions.

I urge everyone to choose the lighting for their living spaces consciously! The way you perceive your life might depend on this decision.

I do everything for the world to have more high-quality and beautiful lighting!

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Founded in 2005, CENTRSVET group is Russia's leading company.
We design, develop, produce and offer the most hi-tech, aesthetically pleasing and practical lighting for indoors and outdoors and SMART lighting control systems.

We have a network of premium brand showrooms in Russia, which includes the only open-air showroom of landscape lighting in Russia.

CENTRSVET lighting creates a pleasant emotional state, sets the right mood and builds healthy habits.
It provides both cozy and relaxing atmosphere and energetic working environment.

Our lighting, luminaires and lighting systems are functionally versatile.

With CENTRSVET’s easy and intuitive Smart Light control you can play with the lighting and create a festive of a comfy background indoors or outdoors.

This effect attracts attention, it allows to easily encompass, illuminate and tune the space to a desired mood and feeling:

Warm - cold,
Homey - working,
Bright - soft,
Relaxing - energizing,
Directional - reflected.

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We pay special attention to the design of our luminaries and lighting systems. We collaborate with the world’s leading designers.

In 2020 alone, the company has received over 40 international expert awards: Good Design, LIT Design Awards, Iconic Awards, If Design, Red Dot, German Innovation, Archiproducts, European product Design Award, Muse Deign, ADesign, and Elle Decoration.

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The quality of our products is our highest priority. We carefully pick all the materials and components to receive high lighting characteristics.

Our luminaires are equipped with an effective cooling system. The heat is conducted away from the light source and dissipated with a cutting-edge radiator made of thick aluminum. We use concentrating optics instead of conventional reflectors. All LEDs undergo rigorous selection and testing of color temperature and color rendering.

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We create premium products that are on par with European ones, and even superior by many measures. At the moment the Russian lighting market presents two options: either cheap low-quality products or expensive European products. We believe it is our mission to offer a worthy alternative to European luminaries. We strive to create premium designs and unmatched quality, while maintaining affordable prices.

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Our ideas are brought to life by an engaged and synergistic team of masters in their field, which is proven by numerous lighting design patents that CENTRSVET holds.

Talented lighting technicians and designers, along with lighting consultants, help arrange, choose and purchase the necessary lighting.

Thanks to the hard work and company culture of our designers, cameramen, photographers, illustrators, graphic and technical designers, accountants, financial and logistics specialists, mounters, constructors, drivers, delivery personnel, administrators, secretaries, and department managers, we are able create the unique and inimitable DNA of CENTRSVET.

In the 15 years of CENTRSVET's existence, some followers and imitators have emerged, which have either worked at the company or followed it closely. Their creations hold only a part of the experience and are far behind the progress of our culture, mindfulness and the quality of our products.

CENTRSVET makes people's lives
Brighter, lighter and happier.

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Creating benchmark controllable SMART lighting that brings physical and emotional comfort to people’s lives.
We shape perspectives on accessible and intellectual lighting!


While using our luminaries and lighting systems you can be sure that you have chosen the best option.

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International group of companies established in Moscow,
creator and founder of a new quality of lighting.


Italian design
German quality
Affordable price
Russian scale

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