CENTRSVET, a Russian lighting company, was founded by entrepreneurs Evgeny and Natalia Schegolev.

Alongside with an efficient team, whose creativity has been acknowledged by numerous lighting design patents and top international awards and accolades, and thanks to our work ethic and company's culture, we create unique and inimitable DNA codes of CENTRSVET. We have thoroughly studied and processed the science of artificial lighting: from the very basics and conventional light bulbs to the most exquisite benchmark lighting solutions. We develop and produce aesthetical, technological and high-quality lighting, lighting systems and lighting controls, while improving our uniform brand style.



Our company develops practical and smart lighting technologies, personalized and simple control that sets the right mood and excites emotions, and establishes healthy habits.

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High-quality lighting servicing, comprehensive deliveries from the warehouse, multifunctionality and complementarity.

Fast and easy mounting and maintenance process. Uniform style, affordable prices without the exclusive boutique format. We create durable lighting of the highest quality.

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We believe that LIGHT IS AT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING and establish a new world standard of lighting design, technologies and high-quality service in the lighting industry.

American Lighting Association

CENTRSVET is a member of the American Lighting Association (ALA) in Dallas, TX, the USA. ALA represents manufacturers and designers of lighting appliances and lighting control systems in the US and Canada. The Association helps promote innovative solutions on American market and guarantees the quality of products of those companies who are a part of the Association. American Lighting Association is the voice of the lighting industry.

Just like CENTRSVET, ALA values quality, design and technologies. The quality of products means compliance with established regulations and safety of lighting for human health. Centrsvet and ALA share the value of modern and minimalistic design. Technological effectiveness of lighting is one of the most important characteristics of Centrsvet's products. It allows to receive homogenous lighting, the right color temperature and color rendering. Centersvet's and ALA's mission is to raise awareness on the importance of high-quality lighting in people's lives.

CENTRSVET office and showroom in Miami is located in Sunny Isles, you can receive a personal consultation there. CENTRSVET has become the first company established in Russia to be invited to the American Lighting Association.

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